According to Cisco, by 2017, 69% of all Consumer Traffic will be video.

Yes, video is very much the hot ticket in the content world at the minute. Technology has come on so much that it has become relatively easy to create good quality frequent video content. That said many of the videos being created by businesses are far too “Salesy ” and offer the viewer no real value.

However, there is no reason why a business cannot create “valuable” video content and generate business ROI. One way to do this is to ensure that your videos have useful content and have a clear “Call to Action”.

YouTube has recently added a new feature that helps business add call to actions to their videos and drive traffic to their website.

Enter this week’s cool tool – YouTube Cards.

What are YouTube Cards?

In many ways YouTube cards are a better, cooler version of Annotations. YouTube cards allow you to embed a call to action into your video that urges the viewer to click on for more information.

They are slick looking and quite visual so can be a really great way to convert video views into website visits. I also reckon there must be some SEO benefit in linking your video to your website.

How to create a YouTube Card

Link your website with your YouTube Channel

Link your website with your YouTube Channel. To do this go to Channel Settings and Click on the Advanced link. Add your website URL where it says Associated Website.

In order to set up a YouTube card you will need to ensure your website is linked with your YouTube channel.

If you have not connected your website before – click into Video Manager and select “Channel”. Then select “Advanced” and scroll down to see Associated Website.

Add your website URL and verify via Google’s webmaster tools. More information on how to do this here.

Quick Tip. If you have multiple websites attached to Webmaster tools you will be able to create YouTube Cards for any of your websites on your YouTube Channel.

To add a card just open your video click on cards (the i circle icon) and select Associated Website.

To add a card just open your video click on cards (the i circle icon) and select Associated Website.

Once your website is connected to YouTube you are now ready to add powerful “Call To Action” Cards to your videos.

To add a card just click into one of your existing videos in Video Manager and click edit. Click on the “Cards Tab” at the top of the video. Then select “Add Card” and select “Create” on the Associated Website Option.

Give your card a title, add a call to action and even upload an image for your card. Finally, drag your card to the time you would like your call to action to pop up. That is it. It is that simple.

Once a viewer clicks on your call to action they will see the full card and be able to click directly to your website.

Once a viewer clicks on your “call to action” they will see the full card and be able to click directly to your website.

Quick Tip – If your video is long you may want to add multiple YouTube Cards throughout your video.

6 Ideas for using YouTube cards

YouTube cards are a great way to add a whole interactive layer to your videos. Not only can viewers watch your content, but now they can actually engage with it. There are so many ways businesses can use Cards to generate engagement, website traffic and business leads. My mind is flooded with ideas.

Here are 6 ways an organisation can use YouTube Cards:

1. Offer a Free E-Book: Eg. If I am Financial Constant who creates video content offering a variety of financial and investment tips. I may want to add a YouTube Card to my videos offering a Free E-Book on Financial Planning. Viewers will click on the card be brought to my website where they will be able to download the e-book once they have provided their email address. Every download is a business lead.

2. Booking Tickets: Imagine you are running a big event. Why not create a series of videos previewing your event. (eg. interviews with speakers or even movie trailers). Why not use YouTube Cards turn video view into event sales? “Book Now” cards possibly offering a discount may work well here.

3. Newsletter sign up:  Why not convert viewers into newsletter subscribers by adding a sign up card to your videos?

4. Competitions: In your video why not offer views a chance to win a prize or enter a draw. (Eg. Win a €50 voucher). Create a card that allow a viewer effortlessly enter our competition by clicking on a call to action.

5. Sales: You may create videos showcasing your latest products and services. So why not create cards that allow the viewer to purchase your product directly from your video? This could be very cool for a clothing company showcasing it’s summer fashion collection.

6. More Info: If you are talking on a particular subject matter on your short video you may want to a “More Information” or “Learn More” YouTube Card where the viewer can click and get more in-depth content.

Watch our video demo on how to create a YouTube card here:


What are your thoughts on YouTube Cards? What will you use them for?