This week I am very much blowing my trumpet for the brilliant Buffer.

Not only does Buffer have one of the best social media management and scheduling tools on the planet and according to the Social Media Examiner the best Social Media blog on the web, but they have just released a brilliant FREE tool that can only be described as Canva on Speed.

What is Buffer’s Pablo?

Buffer's Pablo - design great images in seconds

Buffer’s Pablo – Design great images in seconds

Buffer’s Pablo app allows you to add great images to your text updates in seconds. One thing most busy social media managers have in common is a “need for speed” and with Pablo I can create a branded image and post to multiple social media sites and/or blog posts in an instant.

Unlike Canva’s 10,000s of templates and stock photos Buffer’s Pablo gives you 35 images you can use for free. The images come from the brilliant guys at Unsplash and rotate on a regular basis. Like Canva you can also upload and use your own images.

Choose from 35 great images or upload your own.

Choose from 35 great images or upload your own.

 Creating an Image using Pablo

Once you have selected you chosen image you can “cut and paste” or even write your chosen text into their text box. You also have a choice one of four font colours – white, black, blue and red. So pick the colour that will make your text stand out the best. Then just select your chosen text size and position the text in the picture. (Tip – look at how the text is sitting in the preview image and alter to suit your preference)

You can also change the appearance of the original image. Choices are Black & White, Blurred, and Increased Contrast (this option will make the featured image darker and may be a good option to make your text stand out more).

Choose from 10 fonts

Choose from 10 fonts

You have a choice of 10 fonts you can use (plenty of good ones including Lato, Merriweather, Hamersmith and Monsterrat). Other options here include: the ability to use italics and make your text bold. You can even add secondary text if needed. This could be useful if you wanted to add a reference to an image – eg image by Content Plan.

One problem with creating great images on the web is that when they get shared 100s times very often the source of the image is left behind. For example that picture you took of the cat in a batman cape gets shared around the web 100,000 times however the viewer sees the image and has no clue who the creator was.

Buffer’s Pablo allows you to insert and position an “Icon” or logo to your image. This will ensure you don’t get forgotten when your image goes viral;)

How to add a Logo to your image

Add your Logo to your Images

Sharing your Image on Buffer’s Pablo

Share your masterpiece direct from Buffer's Pablo App.

Share your masterpiece direct from Buffer’s Pablo App. Or Download the image direct to your pc or mac.

Once you have your image created it is time to unleash it into the wild. You can post it instantly to Facebook and/or Twitter by clicking the appropriate below your image. If you are a Buffer user you can schedule or post your image to multiple social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

You may want to sign up for a FREE Buffer App account and schedule your image to multiple Social Networks.

You may want to sign up for a FREE Buffer App account and schedule your image to multiple Social Networks.

If you have created an image you wish to save and possibly upload to your blog just click “Download” and save your image in png format.

In a nutshell Buffer’s Pablo is a real gem due to it’s simplicity. The fact that I don’t have 1,000s of images and templates to look at, 100s of fonts to debate about and loads of filters to fiddle with allows me to create impactful images at Usain Bolt speeds.

Too lazy to read this post? Don’t worry here is a quick 4 minute demo. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, stick your headphones on and enjoy:)