I nearly fell victim to a Blogging “No No” this week. One of the key ingredients to a successful blog is consistency. Very often companies start off like a blogging machine and soon realize that they don’t have the time and/or resources to keep up posting at such a pace. In fact so much so that some companies go from frequent to retired blogger. An out of date blog sends out a poor message to your audience.

So what is my point? This week has been an incredibly busy one here at Content Plan and I was in serious danger of not etching my Blogging Cool Tool of the week post. But I know not doing so would place me on a slippery slope.


Find your target audiences Twitter accounts with Followerwonk


Enter Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a Moz App that allows users to search Twitter Bios, analyse twitter profiles and benchmark your account with your competitors.

Why is an essentially a Twitter app our Blogging tool of the week? Writing great valuable content is a thankless and quite frankly a useless task if nobody sees your post. Twitter is a great place to showcase your latest blogs to your followers. In fact over 20% of all readers that visit are site come from Twitter. Very often when we analyze client’s twitter accounts we find that many of their followers are not relevant to their business and unlikely to become future customers.

However, what if these clients could build a relevant twitter following and used twitter to showcase their blogs to the very individuals interested in their products and services?

Search Twitter Bios

Enter Followerwonk’s “Search Bios” feature. This is one of the best ways to search Twitter to find a relevant audience. So ask yourself what titles and keywords represent my target audience? Eg. If I have a running shop, I might search bios for the word ‘Triathlon”.

Search for Twitter accounts by Geographical area.

Search for Twitter accounts by Geographical area.

Quick Tips

When using this feature make sure to select “more options”. This will give you more options including allowing you to search for Twitter accounts in your own Geographical area. If searching for multiple locations you can do so. Use the pipe symbol (“|” ) it will act as the word OR. So if I was looking for “Marketing Manager” in London, Dublin and Sydney I would write – Dublin|London|Sydney

Also if searching for a phrase make sure to put the phrase in inverted commas – “Marketing Manager”. This will ensure you get a more accurate result.

Once you have got a list of potential followers, you can organize your list by Social Authority (Influence), by number of followers etc.

So I have a list of potential customers, now what?

I can follow the people who interest me directly from Followerwonk. I am doing this knowing that 25-35% of the people I follow will follow me back. Now slowly but surely I am starting to build up a relevant audience.

Quick Tip

If I want to unfollow all the account that do not follow me back I can use Friend or Follow.

Got a budget?

Download your list into a CSV/Excel file

Download your list into a CSV/Excel file

Want to get results instantly? Here is another option. If you have a paid Moz App account you not only can search bios, but can even export them into CSV/Excel lists. The very cool thing about this is you can upload this list to your Twitter Ads account and target them with Promoted Tweets and Promoted Account campaigns. So imagine you have a blog post that you really want Triathletes to see you can easily target them in this way. NB. There are minimum requirements for Twitter Audiences. Currently your list needs to be in excess of 500.

Upload your CSV file to Twitter Ads

Upload your CSV file to Twitter Ads

Hold on there Greg you said you can only do this with a paid account how much is that? A Moz App account is $99 per month, but before you despair listen up – you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial. So why not sign up search like a madman and export as many CSV files as you like? Just remember to unsubscribe before your 30 day trial ends.

Other Followerwonk Features

Followerwonk has lots of other cool features other than searching bios.

These include the ability to compare/benchmark yourself with other twitter accounts. So the Social Media Examiner may want to compare their twitter activity with Social Media Today. This is FREE to do.

Followerwonk allows you to compare up to 3 Twitter Accounts

Followerwonk allows you to compare up to 3 Twitter Accounts

Followerwonk also allows us to dig even deeper by analyzing any account. So if I wanted to look at a competitor’s account I can analyze their followers and analyze who they follow. Some of the great info I can see is what time of the day my competitor gets the most engagement and when their content typically retweeted, This is a FREE feature too☺

Analyze Twitter Accounts

Analyse your own or even your competitor Twitter Accounts

With a paid account I can also avail of two additional features: Track Followers and Sort Followers.

Whilst these other features are nice, it is the ability to search for bios and to build up a targeted lists of Twitter accounts that makes Followerwonk a real gem.

Fancy watching a quick video demo? Ah Go On…here it is –

Happy searching and please let us know how you get on?