Okay I am going to be short but sweet this week.

Once you have created great content you need to get it seen. One tactic often used is to contact third parties (Influencers, Staff, Clients etc.) and ask them to share your content. This helps get your content out there and reach more people.

In addition to this obvious benefit, when third parties share your content they are very much endorsing your content to their online communities. This can be a big factor in building up your online reputation.

ClickToTweet - Cool Tool of the Week

ClickToTweet – Cool Tool of the Week

One problem I often encounter is that even though people are willing to help they are often too busy. If you asked them to share something, they may be happy to do so, but may not get around to it. Another problem is that they are happy to share your content, but not sure what to say.

What if you could send those busy people a link that would auto-generate a tweet that they could instantly share?

Enter this week’s Cool Tool.


ClickToTweet.com is a free tool that allows you to “cut and paste” any tweet into it’s text box. It will then auto generate a link that you can share to busy 3rd parties.

Once they receive and click on the link it will automatically load the tweet you have created word for word. All they have to do is click their tweet button and, Voila! the tweet is send in seconds.

Visit the ClickTotweet dashboard and add in the tweet that you would like shared.

Visit the ClickToTweet Dashboard and add in the tweet that you would like shared.

If your tweet includes a link, clicktotweet will convert it into a trackable shortened url. So not only can you measure the number of shares your tweet has got, but you can also see exactly how many url clicks they have generated.

ClickToTweet will turn your tweet into a sharable url.

ClickToTweet will turn your tweet into a sharable url.

Another feature ClickToTweet offers is the ability to create an embeddable Twitter button that can be placed on any webpage. Once clicked, just like the link, it will auto-generate your selected tweet.

ClickToTweet will turn your tweet into a sharable url.

ClickToTweet will turn your tweet into a sharable url.

Clicktotweet also gives you basic analytics and even the ability to export your statistics into a csv file.

Clicktotweet WordPress Plugins

Why not add “ClickToTweet’ functionality to your blog posts?

There are a number of great WordPress plugins that allow you add click to tweet buttons throughout your blog posts.

Turn the key points of your blog posts into short valuable tweets. Add this this “Click To Tweet” throughout your blog post and make it effortless for your readers to share your tweet with your followers.

Here are two you could take a look at – Click To Tweet by CoSchedule  and Better Click To Tweet.

Here is how it looks – ClickToTweet creates a link that auto-generates a tweet that people can instantly share Click To Tweet

An example of how click to tweet can work.

Imagine you are running a large Web Conference. There are 15 speakers at the event and it is largely their presence that will attract a big crowd. The speakers have said they are happy to promote the event, but they are mad busy and despite good intentions they aren’t tweeting.

Why not generate relevant twitter updates for them, turn them into clicktotweet urls and send them to them every morning?

As soon as they have received your link, within seconds they can share your tweet. Job done.

What other ways can you think of to use ClickToTweet?

See ClickToTweet in action