Unless you are a Blogging machine you probably find that a lot of your Social Media activity consists of sharing 3rd party articles and opinions. This is a great way to associate yourself and your business with quality content on the web and reinforce yourself as the “go to” guy in your industry.

What Snip.ly does

I can drive traffic to my blog when sharing great 3rd party content.

However, what if you could share quality 3rd party content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc. and drive traffic to your blog posts at the same time?

That would be a amazing right? Well great news- There is a tool to do just that and it can be used for FREE. Check out  Snip.ly (affiliate link).

The brilliant Snip.ly allows you to create a customised banner on the bottom left hand side of the page with your Image, your chosen text and a call to action button which directs the reader to your chosen url.

Once you have set up your message and banner Snip.ly will generate a unique link that you can cut and paste into your Tweet, Facebook update etc.

How to create your Snip url

How to create your Snip.ly url

There is also a cool plugin on Chrome and Firefox that will allow you to generate “Snips” directly from your browser.

Click on the plugin to instantly create a Snip.ly url

Click on the plugin to instantly create a Snip.ly url

Okay, what is the catch? Is it really FREE? You can use free for up to 1,000 clicks monthly. This in a nutshell means that you can generate 1,000 clicks to sites or articles. These are the 3rd party sites which will have your snip.ly banner displayed on them. So if 10% of readers convert to your site your Free account will drive an additional 100 visitors/visits to your blog. Like any blogging tool I would suggest that you try it out on some rather than all your Social Media updates first and measure your success first.

Oh and did I mention Snip.ly also gives you analytics so you can monitor and track your clicks and conversions.

Use the Analytics section to see how many conversions you are getting to your site.

Use the Analytics section to see how many of the Snip.ly links are actually converting traffic to your site.

Need more clicks? There are paid accounts starting at $25 a month going up to $125 per month.

Give Snip.ly a go and let me know how you get on.

Do you use similar tools and if so which ones are your favourite?

Watch Greg’s video tour of Snip.ly recorded at 2am in Dublin.